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Graduate Farmer is a one stop shop for all farmers across Kenya. We connect farmers to Practical “Hands On” Training, Farm Equipment and Supplies, Agricultural Information and Consultation.

The main aim of Graduate Farmer is to empower and guide the youth and women from becoming job seekers to creators through agribusiness value chain. We do this by providing them with all the necessary information and tools they normally lack when starting off.

Graduate Farmer is Kenya’s number 1 choice for Kenyan farmers with its blog platform having been voted the Best Agricultural Blog in Kenya at the BAKE Awards which was held in Nairobi Kenya on 2nd May 2015.


Graduate Farmer has the following online platforms;

  1. Training & Farm Tours– This a platform that connects farmers to practical agricultural training and farm tours and is accessed by going to training.graduatefarmer.co.ke
  2. Blog- This platform acts an information database point for farmers looking for information about farming. It can be accessed by going to graduatefarmer.co.ke
  3. Consultation- This platform connects farmers to expert advice and consultation services. It can be accessed by going to consult.gradautefarmer.co.ke
  4. Farm Equipment & Supplies- Farmers are able to purchase affordable farm supplies via this platform and have them delivered to their location. It can be accessed by going to market.graduatefarmer.co.ke


For beginner farmers in Kenya to engage in productive farming and improve their livelihoods they need to get access to affordable agricultural training. Graduate Farmer has partnered with various private farms around Kenya to provide practical agricultural training to farmers who usually start farming with little to no information about it.
We also organize farm tours to successful farms so that other farmers can get to learn and be inspired.


  • Provides Agricultural Information to farmers.
  • Motivates and inspires youth and women interested in agriculture by sharing success stories around Kenya of individuals who have succeeded from agriculture.
  • Assists in providing market information to farmers.
  • Provides video demonstrations courtesy of Shamba Shape Up as teaching guides on improving production and profit making in farming.
  • Lists all events in the agricultural calendar to enable the public access information during demonstrations, exhibitions and trade fares across the country.
  • Provides investing tips to youth and women to help them make good decisions as they start and develop their agribusiness ventures.


Graduate Farmer also provides expert advice with a practical hands on approach to integrated farm management and agronomy for low input agriculture. Our services focus on profitable and sustainable farming systems that follow best practice commercial principles for business, soils and the environment.


Starting a farm is not easy and most beginner farmers usually have a hard time searching for places where they can purchase affordable farm supplies. We connect farmers to a wide range of equipment and farm items they can choose from depending on their activities.

Our online store saves time in sourcing farm supplies so that our customers can spend more working on the farm and not moving from shop to shop searching for a product. Our online store is open for order 24/7 to offer the most convenient shopping.

Farming is Profitable!

We Understand

You have just completed University/College and you are wondering what comes next. You have studied for four years and at the back of your mind, you knew things were going to be rosy after you completed your education. I am sure you even planned where you were going to work and live right? Sadly though things are never what they seem to be. With a lot of degrees and diplomas in the market today, getting a job in Kenya is not easy. The reality is that not everyone is going to get a job on time and many of us waste a lot of time trying to apply for white collar jobs with no response. 
Our Founder also experienced this and decided to venture into modern farming practicing Maize Farming and Horticulture to empower himself. After realizing farming had good returns he decided to reach out to other youth to show them how farming can change their lives.
The truth is as Kenyans, we have been hardwired since childhood to think that getting employed is the ultimate achievement in life and without employment we cannot be successful. We are here to tell you that there is another way out of your predicament: Agribusiness is the answer. If you have the right information, tools and training you can make agribusiness profitable for yourself and become a millionaire farmer.

Graduate Farmer is Kenya’s trusted agricultural online platform, which makes it easier for beginner farmers to get the best experience as they start their farming ventures.

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Graduate Farmer Shop