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Guide to making Silage

Silage is the material produced by controlled fermentation, under anaerobic conditions, of chopped crop residues or forages with high moisture contents. Silage is produced by the activities of naturally-occurring bacteria that convert some of the plant sugars into organic acids that preserve nutritional qualities. Ideal characteristics of material used in silage making: Moisture content of 60-70%. pH below 4.2 for wet crops …

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Silage making for smallscale farmers

Content via FAO How to improve the nutrition of farmers’ milking animals when each family keeps only one dairy cow? During the dry season, the major fodders available are wheat or maize straw, together with hay and concentrated feeds. As a minimum, it is essential to provide a green fodder supplement to enhance rumen function for bovine animals. Therefore, one …

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Rearing Dairy Goats in Kenya

Throughout Kenya pressure on land is increasing. Average farm size is decreasing as plots are sub-divided and farmers in Kenya struggle to find space on their farms to grow subsistence and cash crops as well as keep livestock. Many farmers in Kenya would like to keep dairy cows but do not have the money to buy animals and build zero-grazing units …

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Bull Rearing: Fattening Cattle as a Business

A group of four skinny animals on the farm in Nyeri saunter inside an enclosure as others, also skeletal, feed on grains from a trough. Looking at the animals, one may wonder why they are too skinny that you can count their ribs from far, yet the owner Dr James Gakuo has invested a lot in the farm including by …

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Chicken production systems

Free-range chicken production system This chicken production system is practiced in most rural areas of the country and objectives of production are for household consumption and as source of additional income for the household. It covers 95-98% of the chicken production system in Kenya and  it is not profitable since it is not market oriented. It contains small flock size (5-20 …

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How to choose a good dairy cow in Kenya

When buying a dairy cow in Kenya you need to be careful not to buy a good looking cow but low milk producing cow. A good grade cow can produce very little milk if it is not kept well. The best dairy cow in Europe or South Africa may produce less milk in most parts of Kenya because the environment …

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Milking Machines

Are you building a dairy farm in Kenya and are having trouble deciding between hiring labour or buying automatic milking machine? Or is your traditional dairy farm simply growing and you are considering an upgrade to milking machines? In either case, it is essential to make your choice depending on the advantages and disadvantages of both systems. Advantages of Milking …

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How to raise Rabbits

Reasons for keeping Rabbits in Kenya Rabbit Farming is becoming increasingly popular in Kenya because; They can be kept in a relatively small space It is not expensive to keep them They eat almost anything They produce high-quality protein They can be sold to make money. Housing A big cage can be made of wire mesh or scrap wood. It …

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