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4 Technologies That is Changing Agriculture

Technology that promises to unleash agricultural productivity is here today. The combination punch of advanced mathematics, automation, advancements in sensor systems and next-generation plant breeding are setting the stage for the next Green Revolution, which is what we need to ensure a sustainable future. Forget about the days when farmers guessed the best time to plant by looking up a …

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Get to know about irrigation

Getting water to your crops in Kenya when they need it is both an art and a science, and doing it responsibly—without wasting it or washing away valuable topsoil—is part of the ethics of growing food. When designing an irrigation system, consider climate, soil type, the scale of your operation and the type of crops you’re growing. Assessing Need Consider …

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Make your own Boma Rhodes Seeds

Lukuai Farm, located 14km from Nanyuki town along the Nanyuki-Doldol Road in Laikipia County, is a vast enterprise; a massive 462 acres.The farm is famed for its beef and various dairy products, some that it exports. I meet Ann Munene, the farm manager upon my arrival. She is busy on the Boma Rhodes farm, which occupies 20 acres, checking the …

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Cheap and Effective Method of Reducing Erosion and Increasing Crop Yields

It may look lifeless, but it plays a major role in our day to day to lives.Soil is a vital aspect of the environment just as plants and animals are of great use so is it. It affects in a great way the distribution of plants and animal species on the earth as well as harboring some such as earthworms, …

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Bee keeping is practiced by many small scale farmers in Kenya. From honey for nutritional purposes, to pollen, bee bread, propolis, royal jelly and bee venom for medical use (Apitherapy). With all the above reasons, it’s quite clear to see why bee keeping is used as an alternative source of income by many farmers in Kenya.80% of pollination globally is …

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Fruit tree farming saves Murang’a County


If you are a farmer you well know how cruel the climate can be sometimes. We are always anticipating when the rains are going to come and when they come we want it to be average and consistent but that is not always the case. Research dictates that a third of the population in Kenya directly depends on rain-fed agriculture with …

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Why every farm needs a tree nursery

As the dry season heat slaps my face while the scorching sun robs the land of any little green colour that is left. Most farms are at a go slow with only ploughing and anticipation for the long rains being on most if not all farmers mind. Water is at the center of every farmers heart. So I could not …

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