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Making animal feeds using Black Soldier Flies

Many scientists have known insects can digest manure and produce high quality feed for animals. Biosecurity, the need for a separate facility and labor for harvesting increase the cost of production. Among the most promising species for industrial feed production are black soldier flies. The fly resembles a skinny black wasp. It does not sting and is difficult to notice since …

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KALRO: Chemicals to curb Fall Army Worms

Fall army worms are a menace. Maize farmers in Kenya are not sleeping in fear of the losses the army worms are inflicting on their farms. KALRO (Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organisation)  has recommended the following chemicals to curb this threat: Acephate (e.g. Orthene Pellet) Abamectin + Chlorantraniliprole (e.g. Voliam Targo 063 SC) Chlorantraniliprole (e.g. Coragen 20SC) Lufenuron (e.g. …

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Earn through fish farming

Fish are popular sources of protein and white-meat in many parts of Eastern Africa. However, the gap between supply and demand for fish is widening. Almost all natural fish stocks in the region, as elsewhere in the world have been over-exploited yet human populations and hence demand, continue to increase. The best option for producing more fish in Eastern Africa …

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Get accurate weather data using your own Weather Station

If you are a farmer in Kenya, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t have a weather station. The weather and its variability plays a direct role in the success (or failure) of your farm. Take for example bailing hay: having a weather station will help you decide whether conditions are right to do so. Or perhaps you have temperature-sensitive crops. …

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Cabbage Farming Profit Per Acre

Cabbages are very popular in Kenyan homes. We love them because when you buy one, it will last for a long time thus cost effective. This fact alone makes it a very profitable crop because many people love it and that equates to demand. Cabbages also known as Brassica Oleraceae are normally grown from seed. Its seed is widely available …

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Macadamia: The next profit making frontier

Kenyan coffee farmers who used to grow macadamia trees to shade their coffee bushes are now abandoning coffee in pursuit of macadamia farming. The East African nation, known for its prized Arabica coffee, is gaining a reputation for its macadamia nuts, with production rising to a record in 2017. Expansion in the world’s third-biggest grower of the crop is being …

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