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Onion Varieties from Kenya Seed

Find Onion Seed varieties from Kenya Seed below

VarietyPlanting spacing (cm)Maturity in daysAverage yield/acre in kgIdeal climateSpecial attributes
Red  Passion F130 x 10/ 30 x 512025000Cool and wet· Hybrid
· Excellent storage quality
· Deep red
·Tolerant to pink rot diseases
· Produce large onions
· Uniform maturity
·Easy to manage
· You can store for  upto 6 months
Red Creole30 x 10/ 30 x 5150-18010000Warm and hot·Attractive shaped red onion
·Tolerant to P ink rot disease
·Easy to manage
·Good storage qualities
Bombay Red30 x 10/30 x 5120-1506,000-7,000Warm and hot·Globular shaped deep red onion
·Provides good grade onions
·Dries well
·Widely grown
Texas Grano30 x 10/30 x 515012000Cool and warm·The ideal ‘grano’ type onion
·Straw coloured outer skin and white inner flesh
·Mild tasting. Ideal for salads
·Easy to grow and widely adapted
Spring Onion-Green bunching30  x drill85-90Bunched onionCool and warm·Grown for its green slender sweet tasting leaves
·Ideal salad onion
·Early maturing
·Easy to manage
American Flag----·Extra long and thick white shaft
·Good pungency
·Uniform growth
·Widely adaptable
·Vigorous growth
Italian Giant----· A fast growing strain, early maturity
·Stem is white and with fine flavor
·Medium long thick roots
·Heavy yielder