Investing Tips

Become a millionaire farmer in Kenya

“If you want to become a millionaire, become a farmer!”

I am not trying to say that farming is another avenue of getting rich quickly. With farming there are a lot of factors involved that make it so appealing to us Kenyans. We feel connected to the land and the land to us. We feel farming is the ultimate retirement package after employment. In short, we need more farmers than white collar jobs to tackle the growing food crisis in the world. It is time for people to get back to agriculture and do real farming to increase the food security of Kenya.


The world’s population is going to increase to 10 billion people by 2050 and who do you think is going to feed all these people? Farmers. So there is no question when it comes to target market! With the current looming food crisis in Kenya and the World at large agriculture is the world’s biggest problem and the biggest viable opportunity, its even bigger than all financial corporations combined on the journey to a successful and satisfying life.


Invest in a farm; If you have money why don’t you buy land and start a farm? If you do not have the necessary skills or time you can hire someone else to do the work for you. If you cannot find land to buy and you have the money to invest you can partner with someone who has land and allocate profit sharing according to how much you have put in.