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Graduate Farmer Part 2

So today i promised you i will show you which farming practices is best suited for your needs. If you havent read my last post yet i can explain to you again what we aim to achieve. Our main goal is to make money through farming and make it big! The purpose of this blog is quite straight forward and i will show you in black and white what to do in farming and what not to do. I will write down all costings required to initiate a project and clearly state the profits and losses you will make. I will also attach pdf files of various business models so that you can download and go through them during your free time. Well, now thats out of the way let us continue where we left of…

There are three types of farming business activities you can start;
1.The fast earners ( These are activities that will return your money in a short period of time)
2.Medium Earners (Activities that gives you back your money in 5-6 months
3.Slow Earners (Activities that returns your capital investment after a year)

The Fast Earners
These are projects that develop in short time margin and will give you results within a period of 3 months. Most of these farming activities consists of vegetables. I am talking about tomato, Bean farming, Watermelon farming, onions, Cucumbers, Capsicum, Onions, Cabbages, Manangu, Potatoes, Boma Rhodes Hay,Lucerne Hay, cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, green grams, spinach, spruce, kales (sukuma wiki), strawberries, sweet pepper..These are just some of many crops that mature in a period of 3 months. These are the fast earners.
Medium Earners
These are farming projects that take 5-6 months to mature. They are Fish Farming, Garlic farming, Raising Sheep and Goat meat business (I will explain about this in a more detailed article) these are just a few examples of practices that take 5-6 months to mature.

Slow Earners
This category is where most people who want to get into farming avoid because it takes more than 10 months to see the return of capital. This is are the likes of Maize Farming, Dairy Farming, Bull rearing, Pineapple Farming, Sugarcane….

A full list of all the crops in you can grow in Kenya is available in the categories section.