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Importance of Motivation and Passion in Farming

Starting a new farming business is a tough decision to make. It’s a decision filled with the excitement of getting into something that is life changing and interesting but also filled with concerns about the risks ahead and the uncertainties involved. Starting a farm means that you have to put in extra long hours into your business and planning everything …

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7 Profitable Crops to Grow in 2016

December holidays are always fun. You get to spend time with your family, go on vacations to luxurious resorts and experience new things that leave pleasant memories in our minds. All these activities are important because they bring us together and help us bond with family and friends. As we enjoy such moments we need to think about the following year. …

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Why You Should Start Keeping Bees

I don’t think I have met anyone who doesn’t like the taste of honey on their morning slice of bread. It’s hard to believe that such a wonderful product is provided for free by Mother Nature. Well not necessarily for free; it comes from the hard work of the honey bees. Bees are so hard working that they don’t just …

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Learn About Tomato Farming, Chickens and Fodder Shrubs

The Shamba Shape team have taken a ride to visit four farmers that they had worked with earlier on to see how they are getting on with their shambas. Find out how things are going by watching the video below;

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Choose Farming

Nobody likes the feeling of having empty pockets every day, Lack of money or being broke as some call it can be traumatizing. The disappointment one gets when the phone buzzes only to check and find a “Please Call Me” text message instead of an  M-pesa one. The feeling of hopelessness and desperation that comes every time one realizes they have …

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Watermelon Farming in Kenya

Have you ever eaten a watermelon fruit? The taste is incredible! Nothing says “December holidays” quite like a big, juicy slice of watermelon! Kenyans love eating watermelon. They provide a good refreshing taste especially during hot days when you want to cool off. It’s because of this reason that watermelon farming in Kenya is a lucrative agribusiness venture, especially for …

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Profitable vegetables to grow during the dry season

Growing of vegetables is a viable option that yields high returns over a short period of time that is between the planting and harvesting season. It also requires little capital investment and relatively simple to manage. Market demand is a significant factor to be considered while deciding to venture in growing of a particular vegetable. This article will expound on …

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Avocado Farmers in Kenya have a reason to Smile

Avocado farmers from the regions of Muranga, Nyeri, Kiambu, Kisii and Meru are set to benefit the  acquisition of majority stake of Mt. Kenya Avocado farms; The leading producer and exporter of Kenya avocado fruits and avocado oils by Selina Wamucii LTD, a Kenyan fresh produce company based in Kenya. The acquisition seeks to make solid an already useful avocado …

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Compliance Guidelines For Milk Traders in Kenya

Introduction Milk traders play an important role in linking dairy farmers and milk consumers. Milk is a highly nutritious food. In order to reach the consumer while still in good condition, a number of things must be observed right from the farm to the market. The government has developed various food regulations to ensure the delivery of safe and quality …

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Importance of feeding your dairy cattle

If you want a profitable dairy farm then you have to feed your animals well. Feeding is a major factor that determines how well your cows will perform in terms of milk production, growth, body condition and overall health. Things to note Quantity and quality of milk produced is determined by milk consumed. Under-feeding of dairy cows results in reduced …

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