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About Us

Who We Are

Who We Are

Graduate Farmer connects farmers to Practical “Hands On” Training, Affordable Drip Irrigation Kits, Agricultural Information and Consultation. Since its founding in 2015, Graduate Farmer has undergone many changes in both business, structure and content which has seen it grow to become a trusted source of inspiration and growth for young farmers in Kenya. Its main aim is to empower and guide the youth and women from becoming job seekers to creators through agribusiness value chain. We’re also on Facebook  and Twitter so stop by and say hi.


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Youth and Women Organizations

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Various loans that fund Youth Groups and Women in Kenya can be found below. Remember, borrowing a loan has its…


Making money from an agricultural business requires knowledge of farming practices as well as some experience in developing a business.…

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What We Do

Information & Technology
Information & Technology

Graduate Farmer Drip Irrigation Kit

Are you looking for a drip irrigation kit?


What We Offer

Training & Tours

For beginner farmers in Kenya to engage in productive farming and improve their livelihoods they need to get access to affordable agricultural training. Graduate Farmer has partnered with various private farms…

GF Drip Irrigation Kits

Through strategic partnership Graduate Farmer is now able to provide affordable drip irrigation kits to empower young farmers in Kenya. The Graduate Farmer drip irrigation kits are tailor made to…


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